Thanks Jr.

As a kid there was only one favorite player to me… Only one athlete or celebrity that I idolized, and truly wanted to be like. […]

Together in the Dominican Republic

In February my life was changed forever. Food for the Hungry presents Striking Out Poverty from FH Artists on Vimeo. INTRO I’ve ran a company that […]

Humble Enough to Change

This doesn’t just go for politics it goes for everything. After seeing people make strong statements on gun control, immigration, terrorism, religion, Trump and Clinton, […]

Prove by Actions Not Words

Too often do you hear what people are going to do. How great their ideas are. How much good they will do. The problem is, […]

It’s All Mental

In business and in life, you decide how big your problems are. Only you can decide how you handle them, and whether you dwell on […]

Always Wear Nice Shoes

I say this not so much about the shoes. It’s about the details. It’s about making sure you always present the best version of you […]

Everything Happens for a Reason

One thing that I’ve learned in life, is don’t be upset when things don’t go your way. People have the ability to control their own […]

Hire a Team, Not an Employee

One of the coolest compliments I receive from college students is, “I want to work for you some day.” It’s humbling, especially when thinking about who […]

Behind Sports with Kyle Mauch

Kyle Mauch is a former NCAA D1 and professional baseball player from Klamath Falls, Oregon who founded Athletes Brand, an off-field apparel company for athletes. […]

Reflecting on 2014: Kyle Mauch

2014… wow, what a roller coaster. Reflecting on your successes, milestones, goals and failures is one of the many keys to future success. It allows […]

The Ride of My Life – GoDaddy Super Bowl Ad

Making a lasting impact that will continue to help make the world a better place long after you’re dead and gone is what I believe people should truly strive for. That is my definition of success…