It’s All Mental

In business and in life, you decide how big your problems are. Only you can decide how you handle them, and whether you dwell on them or overcome them. Only you can ultimately decide if you can or can’t do something.

Face your issues, and imagine your success over them. It’s amazing how believing that you can do something eventually becomes reality. No matter how big the task. No matter how little you feel that you are. Size may seem physical, but it’s all mental… Unless you’re guarding Shaq. But even then, there’s always a way to win. If man can create something with so much power that we can leave Earth, escape something so much bigger then us that we can’t be seen from a distance on it, then man can do anything. Nothing is impossible. A lot of things just haven’t been done yet.

“Your problems are only as big as you THINK they are.” – @KyleMauch

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