Humble Enough to Change

This doesn’t just go for politics it goes for everything.

After seeing people make strong statements on gun control, immigration, terrorism, religion, Trump and Clinton, and more… It excites me that friends and American’s seem to care about our country… But so many of them unfortunately show me why we are where we are at right now.

Too many American’s fight for their own beliefs rather than fight for finding what is right. Who am I to say what is right? If I hold the facts and understand them and you don’t, then I am right until proven otherwise.

Facts are not opinions, but opinions should be based on facts.

If you post an opinion on a public forum of why a terrorist attack means there should or shouldn’t be more gun control… Post it to start conversation, not to talk at people and just defend your own stance. Know that people will disagree with you and find the value in disagreement. It’s a chance for you to learn and grow whether they’re right or wrong. If you have a conversation in person, don’t cut people off or talk over them… Those that do that, are already wrong because they’re unwilling to listen. If you’re in a conversation where somebody only defends their stance without trying to understand yours, leave the uneducated conversation and spend your valuable time elsewhere. There are people that simply want to argue and be “right” and don’t want to find a logical conclusion. Ditch em.

Try to understand both sides and have an actual conversation. What is a conversation you ask? It’s the EXCHANGE of ideas. Meaning both parties share ideas to find a logical conclusion… It’s not stating your opinion and then defending your idea… That’s called an uneducated debate.

If you want people to believe your opinion, then back it up with facts… Actual FACTS and what you find on Google doesn’t mean it’s an actual fact. Neither do memes on Facebook. Be willing to have your mind changed if others give more relevant or better facts that may contradict your opinion if you really do care so much about the topic instead if being right or wrong.

Sometimes facts aren’t present and opinion without factual evidence is the only thing that is possible in a conversation. Then be open to others opinions and try to understand why they might be right before concluding that they’re wrong. If what they say doesn’t make sense, then ask better questions to understand how they came up with their opinion. You may come to a conclusion that your idea is good but not the best… Or that it sucks… Or that both sides are actually right but in different ways for different situations… Or the other person may decide to change their mind.

An educated conversation should end with the conclusion being that both opinions are right at the moment because there are not enough facts to support one side fully (in the case of religion since neither side can physically prove there is or prove there is not a maker)… or that one person changes their mind because they were proven wrong (in the case of what ingredients are in the pie)… or lastly they both were right and also wrong so they came to an agreement (in the case of politics). In my opinion, If the conversation doesn’t end in one of those three conclusions, then somebody was defending their opinion and too caught up on being right, instead of trying to figure out what is actually right. That’s a wasted conversation and one of the biggest problems that our country faces in my opinion. Whether it’s why we need more gun control or who the top 5 baseball players of all time are… Back up your opinion with real educated facts and be willing to compromise or stay out of the conversation if you’re not willing to learn and be wrong.

Too often do people already have their response made up before the other person finishes speaking which is so soft. So soft… Be willing to change your mind and don’t be embarrassed to admit that you’re wrong. Don’t be so soft. American’s aren’t supposed to be soft. Only people that are soft act ignorant. Ignorance is what brought us to the issues that we face today. Freedom of opinion makes America great… So don’t abuse it with ignorance or we’ll find that one day we won’t have that freedom anymore.🇺🇸

[Rant Over. Now back to the regularly scheduled sports and business posts.]

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