Hire a Team, Not an Employee

One of the coolest compliments I receive from college students is, “I want to work for you some day.”

It’s humbling, especially when thinking about who I wanted to work for just a few years ago as a college student… But it also feels like fingernails on a chalk board when I hear that. I know they’re capable of so much more than to work “for” me.

I left college for a few combined reasons… but I never would have left college if I didn’t realize that I didn’t want to work for anybody else anymore. I didn’t want a boss. I wanted to be my own boss… or at least work WITH my business idols.

As a business owner now, I feel like I have a responsibility to educate students on setting their goals higher. With Athletes Brand, I’m creating a company culture that would be MY dream company if I were an employee no matter what type of employee I was. I won’t ever hire employees. Seriously. If you want to be an employee at Athletes Brand, don’t send in your resume. I’ll only work with people that have more ambition and passion for life than that. I’ll only hire team members. There’s more purpose to that than to make the title sound more appealing. Employees are hired to fulfill job openings. Team members are hired to fill the weaknesses of the other members of the team to make the team stronger. Every piece of the team is somebody that is fulfilling a vital role in making our company successful. That means that if a job title may not exist, but somebody comes along with a unique expertise that I think could make the company better in some way… then I want them on my team and will create a job for them.

Athletes Brand will be treated as an athletic team. We will bring in the right people that can work together and help us win. We will hire people that play the game the right way: honestly, respectfully, efficiently, and with tenacity. We will hire people that have goals and are willing to put in the necessary time and work to achieve those goals. We will hire people that can handle adversity, and only hire people that can work with a team, but don’t need anybody to get their work done.

Athletes thrive on having goals… on earning what they have… on overcoming failure with victory… on doubters… and most of all… on fun. This is what will drive the future of Athletes Brand. Now I can’t wait to build it!

I just wanted to write this to make ya think a bit when picking which companies that you want to work “for” or “with.” Some food for thought.

I won’t hire anybody to work for me. I will hire people that will work with me.


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