A 2 time Thirty Under 30 honoree and former professional athlete with a story to enhance your happiness, productivity and to help you live a more fulfilling life.

Based in Scottsdale, Arizona, Kyle has dedicated his life to adventure, happiness and helping others do the same. From college and pro baseball, to starting 2 companies, TV features and cameos, national commercials and even riding shotgun at Charlotte Motorspeedway with Danica Patrick to pitch a business… he’s got stories to tell that embody purpose, ethics, failures, decisions, triumphs, and even embarrassments.

Kyle is no stranger to risk. He transferred schools his senior year of high school to try to get a college baseball scholarship. He got 4. Kyle dropped out of college his senior year because he wanted an education, not just a degree. He now speaks at universities.

Within a year after that, he became a Thirty Under 30 for sports marketing… and then again the next year for his company Athletes Brand. In 2013 Kyle left professional baseball to dedicate his life to helping athletes change the world, and helping people live with more passion and purpose.

Kyle’s speeches can be seen mores as discussions. He shares stories in a way that relate directly to whatever audience in front of him. Every talk is different, and tailored to the audience that he’s with. More importantly however, they’re all 100% from the heart from real world experiences, and with intent to truly connect one on one with the audience. He speaks because he’s passionate about his message and helping people be better than they already are. Kyle’s vast experience in sports and business allow him to transcend between speaking at universities, conferences, businesses and to sports teams seamlessly.

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Kyle Mauch and Danica Patrick

2017’s Main Speaking Topics

  1. Living a Life of Purpose.
    • Use your life to improve the world in some way beyond your sport or profession.
    • In return, you’ll find yourself happier, more energetic, and more efficient in the workplace.
  2. 5 Fingered Approach to Organization
    • How to organize your life with just a hand.

Reason for my speaking topic of living a life of purpose…

“In High School I was diagnosed with a back disorder and spinal fracture that hindered my athletic abilities for the next 10 years. After college baseball I signed with a professional baseball team under a condition that I would go through an 18 month rehab stint for my broken back that I had always neglected to do. This rehab stint was to allow my cracked vertebrate to fuse back together so that I could get healthy again before starting my professional baseball career. What I didn’t know however, was that this rehab stint was a mental, and personal reboot time as well. An unfortunate opportunity that most athletes never get… but they could undoubtedly use.

10 months into rehab I hit a state of depression from being away from athletics that lead to a reevaluation on what was truly important in life. I realized that I was depressed that I couldn’t play a game… and quickly realized that my depression was ridiculous. This was a blessing in disguise as it was the mind shift that has lead me to a more productive, fulfilling, and meaningful life. A mind shift that most every athlete and business professional needs to live happier and work more efficiently no matter what their job is. I feel obligated to share my story of trials and tribulation to help my fellow athletes and business professionals enjoy life more, and live their life with real meaning. None of us want to die tomorrow having not accomplished anything that made the world a better place. We want to be leaders. We want to be difference makers. It’s far easier to be those things than most think.” – Kyle Mauch

More on Athletes

Athletes have an opportunity to truly change the world. With their direct connection to the future of our society (our youth), they have the ability to influence decisions and actions for years to come. Athletes play the same games as our youth, and simply have relatable personalities to our youth… at least more so than any profession in the world on a mass scale based on truly having an opportunity to instill lasting influence on a person.

Giving back comes with the territory of being an athlete. Why? Because they are considered to be role models to our youth and even many adults. In today’s society, we need athletes to be symbols of doing good, not symbols of mistakes and examples of what not to do. This starts with educating our athletes at a young age. The younger they know the power of influence they hold and what they’re capable of in this life, the sooner we can help them leave a lasting positive impact on the world.

“Youth sports are a chance to help a child become an adult. Professional and amateur sports are a chance to help an adult become a leader.”

Kyle Speaking

My Story…

My talks are always different. They’re unscripted. They’re personal, and interactive. But most of all, they’re revealing for both myself and my audience. My goal when speaking is to share my story to give others the strength to create their own stories. To help athletes understand what they’re capable of beyond the playing field. This in effect reflects back to their confidence on the playing field. And every time I speak, I hope that I can bring out enough passion from my audience that I can walk away with something new as well.

I grew up in a small town in Southern Oregon where big dreams don’t typically get fulfilled. I beat the odds. I went from being diagnosed with a spinal disorder called Spondylolisthesis… Followed by breaking my elbow on my throwing arm… where both times I was told within 24 months that I’d never play baseball again because I wouldn’t be able to throw a ball or run sprints… to leading the state in stolen bases, throwing a baseball 92 mph and getting an NCAA D1 scholarship and professional baseball contract. But more importantly, I quit my dream of pro baseball after the best performance of my life to pursue a bigger meaning in life… a life a purpose. A life of impact. A life of creating change in the world through business and sports.

Kyle About


  • 2012 30 Under Thirty in the Sports Industry
  • 2013 30 Under Thirty in the Sports Industry All Star
  • 1 of 5 Finalists in GoDaddy’s Super Bowl Business Contest – The Big Leap
  • NCAA D1 Baseball Player
  • Professional Baseball Player
  • Keynote Speaker
  • Founder of Athletes Brand
  • Turned six figures in online sales in first 6 months of Athletes Brand.

Most Recent Speaking Engagements

  • Scottsdale Community College
  • UCLA
  • MLB Spring Training

Places That I Speak

  • Sports Teams and Athletic Departments
  • Colleges and Universities
  • Businesses, Conferences, and Corporate Events
  • High Schools
  • Sports Camps and Sports Events
  • Charity Events

Typical Audience

  • Entrepreneurs
  • Athletes
  • Students
  • Corporations


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