Behind Sports with Kyle Mauch

Kyle Mauch is a former NCAA D1 and professional baseball player from Klamath Falls, Oregon who founded Athletes Brand, an off-field apparel company for athletes. In 2012, Kyle was selected as a 30 Under Thirty recipient in the sports industry for his work with a sports marketing company.

Kyle founded his apparel company, Athletes Brand, during an 18-month rehab stint after college baseball. Athletes Brand is a high-end off-field apparel company formed 100% by athletes that designs clothing specifically to fit athletes’ fashion needs. These needs include clothing to fit a more typical athletic body type, apparel for long bus trips and flights, and lack of branding right on the chest to conform with league rules. Sales from Athletes Brand go to the specific cause supported by the athlete, allowing athletes to use clothing as a platform to help educate people on societal issues and the causes that are helping support these issues.

Kyle was selected in 2013 as a 30 Under Thirty recipient again in the sports industry for his work with Athletes Brand.

Kyle was chosen to compete in GoDaddy’s contest, The Big Leap — Watch Kyle pitch his small business to Danica Patrick from her car at 125 mph:

– Scott Reinen, Behind Sports

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