Prove by Actions Not Words

Too often do you hear what people are going to do. How great their ideas are. How much good they will do. The problem is, not often do those things come true. The most powerful thing is doing, not saying.

I made the mistake in 2015 by writing  a goal list, and sharing it on my blog thinking it will make me more motivated to accomplish the goals. The problem was though that when the year ended, I didn’t accomplish most of the goals, and I felt that I was a failure. It detracted from the fact that I had accomplished many of the goals, and even had some major accomplishments that weren’t on my original goal list. The focus however stayed on what wasn’t done that I said I would do and it made the whole year seem like a failure instead of the success it actually was.

Write your goals down and keep them to yourself. Celebrate the victories and share the experiences. Keep the “here’s what I’m going to do” to yourself so you can stay focused, and share what you’ve done instead of what you’re going to do. You’ll be much more reputable, and much happier with yourself in the end.

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