To help people use their own power of influence to change the world in a positive way. From A List celebrities to your next door neighbor and everyone in between. I believe that I was put on this Earth to influence others to bring out the good in the world through human connection, so I’ve built my life and career around just that.


athlete entrepreneur
(n.) A competitive natured individual who has unknowingly trained for entrepreneurship all of their life.

Now into simple terms; Somebody who is currently, or previously was an athlete, and is also an entrepreneur running their own company/s based off of principles they learned through athletics.

success at success

When a person accomplishes a dream that they’ve worked years to achieve, how do they now become good at being successful? In other words, how do they find success… at success? Success at success simply means being able to be good at being successful when success has been achieved. This goes for home life, to work life, to life in general because without all around happiness… true success is never achieved. This and more is what I discuss in my Success at Success Podcast on iTunes and at our masterminds at Campfire and Disrupting Sports Summits.

Who is Kyle?

I’m a former college and minor league baseball player, and now entrepreneur, speaker, creative consultant, and host. I run my life and career built off of basic principles and values learned through a life in team sports, and truly believe the athletes have a competitive advantage in the business world. Athletes simply have a different mindset and different way of thinking than the average person, so I always find it challenging to relate to many blogs out there… or even to many people for that matter. So that’s why I focus specifically on my story as an athlete in business.

What I bring is life experience. Nothing more, nothing less. What you see is what you get. That could be dull, or it could connect. I’ll leave that up to fate aka you. My story begins with a passion for athletics, and is currently alive with a passion for competition and the power of change. From sports to entrepreneurship, and a future unknown, I hope that in some way some of my struggles and triumphs can help you out with any future decisions. Athletes are one big family and I’m just one person hoping to help out by sharing what I’ve learned through my own journey from sports to entrepreneurship while learning every chance I get along the way.


*Pronounced Kyle (MAHK)


I started my first business while still in college and playing NCAA D1 baseball. After a life changing mindset change, I left a pro baseball contract on the table after just 1 month of minor league ball and I went full time in my company Athletes Brand. In just 6 months after the launch of my business, Athletes Brand, I turned 6 figures in online sales as the sole owner and operator of the company. Today the company is a 7 figure business working with over 700 pro athletes from around the world.

Before that however, I founded the Sports Industry Meet Ups. I started these while still in college to connect people who work in sports on a more personal level. This is when I realized an ability to influence people to take action, and create positive change in their communities. Today I’m still active in connecting people and influencing positive change through my mastermind Campfire, a business summit called Disrupting Sports Summit, and on a much larger scale with my companies Athletes Brand and Refined Craft.

Over the past few years I’ve found a passion for public speaking. Delivering talks at MLB Spring Training, Universities, Fortune 500 corporate gatherings, and other sports training camps, which you can learn more about here: SPEAKING.

In my first year of owning my own business I was named a 30 Under Thirty in the Sports Industry, and again the following year accompanied by features from GoDaddyBehind Sports, The OregonianVoice America, Business Journal and more.


I’m pretty simple. T-shirt, hat, and a backpack and that basically describes my wardrobe. I start my day with coffee, and end my day with a craft beer.

I never finished college. I’m a certified college dropout. Along the way I managed to earn my AA degree in Liberal Arts in junior college because I needed it to play baseball. However, I dropped out of my bachelors degree with only a couple credits needed to get my psychology degree and a couple credits needed to get my business administration degree. I probably didn’t dropout for the reasons that you’re thinking though. I went to school for a different reason than most. I went to school for an education, not a piece of paper. I quickly learned that those don’t always go hand in hand. After earning my Associates degree, I went to a 4 year school, one of the most prestigious schools in the south for that matter, Centenary College of Louisiana, and took a mix of business and psychology classes. I quickly fell in love with psychology and the human mind, and found psych to be my true gift in education. I spent all of that money to go to one of the top academic schools in the country to play NCAA D1 baseball, and to take classes that I thought would improve myself in life and business, with no intentions to get a degree. Dumb? Maybe. But it worked out exactly as planned.

In 2011 I got offered the chance to play baseball professionally if I would go through rehab and pass a physical in 18 months. A 14 year old back injury that I neglected to treat properly haunted me every year of my playing career. This offer felt like a second chance, but a second chance that I had already decided wasn’t doable. I just hadn’t played like myself since my senior year of high school, so discouraged was an understatement. Rehab consisted of doing absolutely nothing. No running, no baseball, no fun. So I began to work for my big bro Trevor to learn more about entrepreneurship in the real world in the meantime. Ten months into this rehab period, I came face to face with something that I didn’t recognize until later on in life. Something called depression.

It was weird. Annoying. And weird. I didn’t know that I was depressed until that moment that I broke free from it. I’d spent about 2 weeks in a haze. I’d never been away from baseball like that. I’d never been away from sports at any point in my life. I was lost on what my identity was anymore. Who was I without the only thing that I’d ever known; baseball? I didn’t know what was next in my life. I kept this moment in my life a secret for years embarrassed to admit it.

One night it all clicked. I realized how ridiculous I was acting. I wasn’t crippled, I just simply couldn’t play a game for a little while. I was depressed because I couldn’t play a game. I realized that there were so many issues in the world that millions of people are facing that are worse than mine. Oh, and guess what… they weren’t whining about it either. This is when I hit a major crossroad in my life that shifted my mindset forever. If I died that day, my life accomplishment would have been being an okay baseball player. Not a great one. But an “okay” one. People would have nothing more to talk about at my funeral aside from baseball and, “he was a nice guy.” I hadn’t ever done anything for the world beyond playing sports. I hadn’t made the world better in any way for having had me in it which felt like I was being a complete waste of a blessed life. This experience woke me up, and got me excited to start something new beyond baseball.

Then it happened. I discovered a new competitive sport and passion in entrepreneurship. After passing the physical and playing in one minor league Spring Training, I took the biggest gamble of my life. I left my lifelong dream of being a big leaguer to chase my newfound passion in a company that I founded now known as Athletes Brand. I went out on my own terms, and with a new love and new chapter of my life ready.

Two years is what it took for me to bootstrap a business that I had no prior knowledge or experience in. A clothing brand. Not my first company, but my first successful one. The guy that wears a hat, t-shirt and backpack to business meetings started a fashion brand. Six Months after launching and bootstrap funding my clothing brand, Athletes Brand was working with over 600 pro athletes and saw its first $100,000 in online sales.

I didn’t just start any business though. I didn’t decide that I wanted to be a fashion mogul one day (which obviously I’m still not striving to be one.) I didn’t decide that I wanted to create a clothing company and follow in the great Phil Knight’s shoes one day. In fact I didn’t want either of those things and still don’t. I simply decided that I wanted to do whatever I want to do in my life, and fulfill my purpose through it. What I wanted was to use this life that I have, to improve the world in some way by influencing others to do the same, and make my time on Earth actually matter. If I have to die one day, then I want to go out knowing that my time on Earth wasn’t a waste. I want to set my own hours, improve people’s lives, and to simply be happy while getting to truly experience life. Like my grandfather Howard Morris, I want to die with nothing else that can be added to my bucket list. So, I created a company that molded everything that I want to do in my life into one business. I created a company based off of what I could be passionate about day in and day out, and never “need” a vacation from. I created Athletes Brand.

You see, I was the kid in class that never spoke. I literally skipped school and faked being sick when I knew I would get called on in front of the class the next day as a kid. In fact, I don’t doubt that most of my school teachers growing up don’t even remember me being in their class I was so quiet. Today, I’ve done speeches in front of thousands at universities, been on national TV shows and commercials, mentored millionaires, and sit on dozens of Q&A boards in the industry each year. I found a way to overcome it, and continue to find ways to overcome challenges.

I’m proud to say that I’m a man of faith, an athlete, a family man, a friend, a passionate person, and a competitor. But most of all I’m just a different kind of person just like you that is trying to find my own way through life like the rest of us. I just might be working a little harder at it is all than most.

If you seek inspiration, out of the box thinking, and tips on entrepreneurship and life based off of personal experiences from a life grown from scratch and sports… then I hope you stick around. I actually hope that what I talk about isn’t for everybody. If it is then I’m doing something wrong.


  • NCAA D1 Baseball Player

  • Minor League Baseball Player

  • 2012 30 Under Thirty in the Sports Industry

  • 2013 30 Under Thirty in the Sports Industry

  • Once pitched my business to Danica Patrick from the passenger seat of her race car at 120 mph.

  • Featured on Good Morning America, National Geographic, New York Times, TLC, FOX, CNN, ESPN, OWN, MLB Network, Fox Sports, Bleacher Report, The Oregonian, The Business Journal and more…

  • Most Innovative Business in Oregon Nominee by Portland Business Journal. Top CEO in Arizona Nominee. Most Philanthropic in Arizona Nominee.

  • $100k in sales in first 6 months of business at Athletes Brand & built a $1 million business from scratch.

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